Chapter 1: Becoming A Nurse

While completing nursing school and acquiring eligibility to sit for the state licensing exam are commendable accomplishments, they are a very far cry from actually passing one's nursing boards. Certainly, obtaining a nursing license is also quite praise-worthy, but this too is several light-years away from really becoming a nurse.

Becoming a nurse necessitates a thorough understanding of many scientific principles, including physics, anatomy, physiology, chemistry and pharmacology. It is about learning the dynamics of psychology and sociology. In decades past, as well as today, in spite of the advent of calculators, there is still a need to know at least the basic rudiments of mathematics. But becoming a nurse goes far beyond this. Underneath all the principles is one that is irreplaceable, with no viable substitute: compassion. Becoming and being a nurse is all about being compassionate. Being a nurse is synonymous with caring.

Nowhere in this lengthy, very deliberate process does it ever dawn on any one of us to think or plan for a future "Unbecoming A Nurse."

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